Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Why You Should Make The Most Of Corporate Chocolates

Shaun Parker

Everybody loves Chocolates. Everyone that is that is worth any amount of time to anybody. Those people that don't like chocolate are, let's face it, a little bit weird. Fortunately there are very few of these strange folk and as a result chocolates are a fantastic option for a gift. Their universal appeal makes them a great option for Christmas gifts, Valentines gifts, Birthday gifts, Wedding gifts and also corporate gifts. They are especially good options as a corporate gift because of this universal appeal and because they lend themselves well to being shared.

So if you were to send a box of chocolates to a company to thank them for a job well done or to congratulate them on a new business relationship then it is likely that these chocolates will get passed around the office and the entire workforce of the people you are thanking will benefit.

This is much better than sending a bottle of champagne which usually gets appropriated by the directors of the company. Send something that can be passed around and the individuals that are responsible for carrying out the work with your company will associate your name with something good and this may provide extra motivation to help you. After all the more people that can benefit from your generosity the better.

History Of Chocolate
The history of chocolate is particularly fascinating. Originating from Latin America the word chocolate was initially spoken by the Aztecs and was called xocolatl. This word came from the language that they spoke called Nahuatl. This word has developed into the word we are familiar with now over a number of years. The word derives from the words for bitter and water.
This is in reference to the way in which chocolate was originally enjoyed. Traditionally chocolate was made as a drink which was made from the cocoa bean. As the name suggests these drinks were not as sweet as the modern version of chocolate was and as a result the chocolate drink was quite bitter. Nevertheless it was very popular and early stories tell of the emperor drinking the chocolate and then disposing of the golden chalices from which he drank. For him the chocolate drink was far more valuable than the precious metal it was drunk from. The Aztecs also associated chocolate with fertility and the goddess of fertility was associated with chocolate.

Health benefits of chocolate
Chocolate is often associated with being unhealthy and it is definitely the case that regularly over indulging in chocolate is not a wise idea. The high sugar and fat content can cause health problems if you eat too much of it. It is also recognised however that certain aspects of chocolate are indeed good for you. Some of the things found in high cocoa content foods can have properties that protect the cardiovascular system.

The flavonoids, epicatechin and gallic acid in chocolate will benefit your heart. It is also said that cocoa contains a great amount of antioxidants which bring about a reduction in blood pressure. There have even been a number of diets that have been produced using chocolate as a method of losing weight. Although chocolate offers a great number of benefits it is advisable that one does not over consume chocolate as it should not become a major part of your diet - just a small enjoyment as part of a healthy diet.

About the Author :
Shaun Parker has been involved with French chocolates for the last 5 years he recommends corporate chocolates as a great method of securing business relationships.

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