About us

Welcome  and thank you for visiting Qaseh Gifts!

Qaseh Gifts provides items and ideas for gifting.

For some, exchanging gifts on special occasions and holidays represents a token of appreciation, gratitude and often, love. Understanding the different occasions that requires gifts, Qaseh Gifts has put together this blog for its clients and future client’s viewing pleasure.

Qaseh Gifts began its services 5 years ago by providing wedding hantaran and favours. The interest in providing beautiful items as gifts then gave us the idea to introduce corporate hampers to our friends and existing clients. Qaseh Gifts' range of products also includes party packs/goodie bags for parties.

Our corporate clients include semi-government and the public sectors in Klang Valley.

If you have a certain budget or idea for your gifts and need someone to put together for you, we will try and assist you. Please email us if you are interested in our range of products and need more information.

We at Qaseh Gifts believe that giving as well as receiving brings a genuine sense of self-satisfaction, happiness and peace.

Meet you in our next posts! 
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