Tuesday, October 25, 2011

List of Exclusive Gifts For Friends

by: George Smith

You are born with so many relationships including the ones that you share with your parents, siblings and others. Isn't it? But there is one relationship that you are not born with, but still it is the most important support for your life and that is the bond that you share with your friends. Other bonds are God-gifted, but friends are those whom you choose yourself to provide a foundation to your living. This makes the bond of friendship really very precious. Certain occasions give you significant chances to show your friends what they mean to you. But most of you lose this opportunity. Choose perfect gifts for friends and express the emotions that you have for them.

Some of the exclusive gifts for friends are as follows:

Designer watch: Does you friend like to adorn himself with expensive accessories? Materialistic items, such as designer watches would be a great present for him or her. Several branded watches are available in the market that you can opt for your friend on his birthday or on friendship's day. Other materialistic gifts for friends can also include bracelets, bands of friendship, etc.

Electronic gadget: If your friend is a male, electronic devices will be great alternatives. Boys are a lot technical in nature and hence keeping the latest gadgets into mind will help you select best gifts for friends. You can ask your friends group to contribute and buy a durable gadget, if it is quite expensive. Some of the gadgets that you can consider buying include MP3 player, compact digital camera, mobile phone, laptops and many more.

Sponsored outing: Contribution from each member of the group will help you arrange an outing for the recipient on his birthday. Spending the day with friends and enjoying the moment to the fullest will make it memorable for the recipient, making it one of the most special gifts for friends.

CD collection: If your friend is an entertainment lover, collection of his favorite CDs and DVDs will be ideal gifts for friends.

Musical instruments: Is your peer passionate about playing any musical instrument? Buy and present him his favorite music instrument and give him a chance to spend some time on doing something that he really wants to do. This is also one of the most sought-after gifts for friends.

Books: If your friend is a bookworm, buy him a latest book written by his favorite author. It will surely be among the most-wanted gifts for friends.

A seedling: Presenting a seedling will be one of the unique gifts for friends. A growing plant, here, will symbolize the growth of your friendship reminding all of you about your friendship being stronger with the passage of time.

Photo albums : Arrange all your photographs with your friends in a photo album. Take a group photograph and place it on the very first page of the album. It will enable the recipient to cherish all the precious moments spent with all of you and relive it whenever he misses those times.

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Monday, October 24, 2011

8 Hadiah Unik untuk Kanak-kanak

Idea menarik yang kami ingin kongsi ini melibatkan kos yang minimal dan memaksimakan kreativiti kanak-kanak.

1.    Program jangka pendek
Mungkin boleh menghadiahkan yuran bagi kelas renang, lukisan, memasak, grooming dan pelbagai lagi. Sudah banyak program ini di luar sana. Cuma perlu buat research mengenainya dan sesuaikan dengan si comel yang akan menerima hadiah itu.
Program begini akan memberi kesan jangka panjang dan berguna bagi menambah keyakinan diri mereka.

2.    Barangan kraf

Anda boleh beri barangan untuk kraf seperti buku dan kertas origami dan juga kumpulkan gam, kertas berwarna, benang mengait, kain perca dan pelbagai barangan yang boleh dijadikan hasil kraf.
Ia akan menjadikan kanak-kanak kreatif dan memenuhkan masa yang terluang dengan aktiviti yang melekakan.

3.    Biskut/Cookie yang boleh dihias

Letakkan dalam bakul, 1 bungkus biskut biasa dan letakan gula icing dan pelbagai hiasan yang boleh dimakan seperti chocolate chip, ‘sprinkles’ stars atau hearts, dan pelbagai lagi yang mudah didapati di kedai barangan bakeri.
Biskut yang sudah dihias, ia boleh di makan dan mengembirakan semua yang terilibat dalam aktiviti itu.

4.    Buku
Baca disini tentang buku sebagai hadiah.

5.    ‘Sehari di rumah kawan’
Anak anda boleh menjemput kawannya meluangkan masa di rumah. Mungkin makan tengahari dan bermain video game di ikuti dengan minum petang. Pada sebelah malam, kedua ibu bapa kedua belah pihak boleh bertemu dan makan malam bersama-sama.

Mungkin boleh buat pyjama party atau spa party bagi yang berminat J.

6.    Masa
Kanak-kanak merasakan ibu bapa mereka adalah hadiah paling istimewa yang mereka boleh perolehi. Luangkan masa bersama mereka – mewarna, berbasikal, buat puzzle, pergi ke taman permainan, main khemah-khemah atau masak-masak adalah antara perkara yang boleh dibuat. Mungkin kita rasa atau nampak remeh, tapi pada mereka, ia menunjukkan anda prihatin.

7.    Menerapkan nilai murni

Mungkin sebagai hadiah, anda boleh menerapkan konsep memberi kepada yang memerlukan. Bawa anak anda and si penerima hadiah untuk membeli makanan harian yang utama seperti beras, susu dan minyak dan hantarkan kepada mereka yang memerlukan. Sebagai hadiah untuk si birthday girl/boy, bawa lah mereka makan di restoran pada hari itu.

8.    Green gift
Ajak anak-anak ke nursery/ tapak semaian/kedai menjual pokok dan biar mereka pilih satu pokok untuk dijadikan hadiah. Ia kemudian boleh ditanam di rumah si penerima kelak.

Selamat mencuba!

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

The Greatest Gift of All – The Gift of Empowerment

During the year, a variety of celebrations – birthdays, holidays, and other special occasions – call for a gift of some kind. We sometimes work ourselves into a frenzy trying to come up with the “perfect gift.” The “perfect gift” is one that doesn’t wind up in the bottom of a drawer or a gift receipt because no one in his/her right mind would return it (after all it’s perfect.) Or have you ever received a gift and couldn’t wait for the return counter to open?

Why not invest in a gift that has staying power – the gift of empowerment. The gift of empowerment is a gift that keeps on giving, enabling one to enhance and further his or her personal development and achievement. An empowering gift is one that keeps on giving the whole year through and, if we’re lucky, beyond.
Here are three empowering gift ideas:

The Gift of Change

* Enjoy cuisine of a culture other than your own. Learn about a culture other than your  own. Learn the customs and the cuisine, or purchase a piece of clothing which can provide insight and an appreciation of others.

* Realize no one is perfect. Don’t beat yourself up about the past - remember the past doesn’t define your future – only you can do that. See and accept only positive people and thoughts in your

* Change someone’s life for the better; do a good deed. A good deed has multiple payoffs for everyone. You can make life a little easier or enable others to accomplish something they may not have been able to on their own. The size of a good deed is not of importance – only that you did something for someone else. The payoff for you – as the commercial says, “priceless.”
, the greatest gift of all is the gift that keeps on giving – the gift is empowerment!

The Gift of Knowledge

* Expand your knowledge with books. Seeking new information expands our mind and can develop our spirit. No time to read you say, books on tape (especially motivational tapes) are a great way to squeeze in learning during the vast amount of time we spend commuting, walking on the treadmill, or waiting at a doctor’s office.

* Take a class at an adult learning center or community college. This inexpensive option allows you to further your knowledge and increase your potential.

* Join Toastmasters! It’s not just for public speakers. This dynamic international organization empowers you to increase your communication and leadership skills in a supportive environment. This is a must for anyone who interacts with people – ever!

* Subscribe to a newspaper or magazine subscription such as a health, finance, or major newspaper. Why not better your well-being, develop your financial portfolio or learn more about current events that affect your life.

The Gift of Goal Setting

* Set your first goal – you will make time for self. Even fifteen minutes alone, in the bathtub or shower, can provide you with the time you need to just think and find yourself. Finding yourself means determining what do you want and what you need. Who else knows you better and who else can give you what you need. Help someone else find time - barter or give the gift of time via babysitting or cooking a meal for another family (now they will have more time for themselves, too).

* Commit to a healthful lifestyle. Diets are great for short term gain but often fail because they are so difficult to stick with. Improve your health with a subscription to a health magazine, buy or rent a video/DVD, join a gym or recreation center, or purchase a piece of gym equipment. Remember it can only work if you take action!

* Set financial goals – financial freedom is a worthwhile goal that can be achieved with knowledge, planning and commitment. Whenever you find yourself in a buying situation, ask yourself “Do I want this item or do I need this item?” I find this a big help when deciding to make a purchase and not be a slave to credit cardpayments. Also, pay by cash and not by  credit card. Start now!

* De-clutter and organize. That mess can make you feel overwhelmed, confused, and stressed. Less truly is more. Commit to keeping only what brings you pleasure, love, or need. Organize your home and office to enable you to find what’s there. This in turn will save you time and money because you won’t be going out all the time to buy what you already have.

I encourage you to start today - share any or all of these gifts with yourself, family, friends, or colleagues. Remember


Joy Fisher-Sykes is a professional speaker, author, and success coach in the areas of leadership, motivation, stress management, customer service, and team building. You can e-mail her at mailto:jfsykes@thesykesgrp.com, or call her at (757) 427-7032. Go to her web site, http://www.thesykesgrp.com, and signup for the newsletter, OnPoint, and receive the free ebook, "Empowerment and Stress Secrets for the Busy Professional."

Monday, October 17, 2011

Big Bad Wolf Book 2011 Sale - Ulasan/Review

Jualan telahpun tamat dan kami akan menantikan kedatangannya pada tahun hadapan!

Secara keseluruhan, logistik yang disediakan oleh penganjur di dalam MAEPS adalah sangat baik. Bas/tram yang disediakan silih berganti dan masa menunggu adalah sangat minimal. Memang banyak buku untuk dibuat pilihan. Mungkin tahun depan lebih banyak buku bagi setiap kategori boleh ditambah. Dewan pameran juga besar, tetapi sebabkan oleh pengunjung hujung minggu yang ramai, dewan menjadi sesak. Walaupun ramai yang beratur semasa urusan pembayaran, juruwang dan pembungkus buku adalah efisien menjadikan masa menunggu dalam 5-7 minit.

Sekiranya anda ingin membeli dalam keadaan yang selesa, disarankan untuk pergi pada Isnin-Jumaat dan bawa beg beroda atau trolley untuk membawa buku-buku anda. Jangan pergi pada saat-saat terakhir kerana pilihan buku terumtama sekali untuk kanak-kanak telah berkurangan. Paling utama, mulalah menabung dari sekarang supaya dalam membeli lebih buku pada tahun hadapan :-)

Adakah anda pergi untuk jualan buku ini? Apakah pendapat anda? Berapakah yang anda belanja untuk jumlah buku yang anda beli?

The books we managed to buy during the awesome sale

The book sale has ended and we are looking forward to it next year!

Overall, logistic in MAEPS for the book fair was excellent. The bus/tram prepared by the organisers to the exhibition hall was equally good - we waited less than 5 minutes at the bus/tram stop. The books were abundant but could have more variety. The exhibition ball was big, but because of the weekend crowd, people were bumping into each other. The queue at the the counters were long but cashiers and packers were efficient and each customer were attended to within 5-7 minutes.

If you would like to avoid the crowd, we think weekdays would be a better choice and bring bags with wheels or small trolley. Don't wait till the last minute to visit the sales as choices of books especially for children would be less. Most importantly, start saving from now for the next book sale :-)

Did you go for the sales? What did you think of it? How much did you spend for the books you bought?

Jumpa lagi!
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