Friday, October 22, 2010

Corporate Gifting

Some thoughts i gathered on gifting especially for the corporate world.
Generally, gifts are given during festivals, company related events (secretaries day, promotions, transfers or retirement), gratitude, visit from clients/customers and also for personal events (weddings, births and new home).  
Most corporate companies or business owners are always looking for ways to create a positive impression on both its clients/customers and employees. Both are equally important to ensure the company‘s well being and should be rewarded.
Clients are important as they the ones giving the business and it is befitting to show appreciation to them especially during important occasions during the year. This relationship building is important as company’s sincerity will create a positive image and will increase the value of the company.
Employees on the other hand are the heart of the company and acknowledging their hard work would proof to be most rewarding to a company in the long run as it creates a sense of loyalty to the company.
When giving gifts, it should reflect your thoughtfulness, good taste, attention to detail and most importantly show an understanding of the recipient's customs, beliefs and traditions.
A gift hamper could be a perfect choice as it’s not boring and the selection of gifts can be an assortment of goodies. The variety of items in a gift hamper makes it perfect for groups. Instead of buying individual gifts for everyone, each person can instead choose his or her favorite item from the hamper.
We at Qaseh Gifts believe that a gift hamper will never go unnoticed. The attractive packaging with ribbons or flowers could be very eye-catching and could speak wonders about the sender.  If you are in need of ideas on gifting for your clients/customers or employees, contact us. We may have the right gift to suit your budget and occasion.

Have a great weekend!


  1. Corporate gift can strengthen or weaken a business relationship. It’s all on the choice of the most appropriate gift for your patrons that is usually chosen based on a chosen budget.corporate gifting solutions

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