Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Green Gifts – An Eco Friendly Gift Guide

by : Richard N Williams

Shopping for eco products is becoming increasingly easier thanks to so many green and eco friendly stores and shops, especially when we are buying things for ourselves. However, when it comes to shopping for others, things can become a lot more challenging.

Eco friendly gifts, are different items to other green products as most eco products have a practical purpose and are more energy efficient or better for the environment in other ways than similar products. However, nobody wants to receive a gift for Christmas, birthday or other occasion that is just a practical replacement – a clothes airer may be a good buy for your kitchen but will your friend really want one for their birthday?

So looking for green gifts is challenging, to say the least but there are some eco friendly gift ideas out there but it does take some searching.

Eco gifts for him
Often gifts for the husband, brother or friend can be the most challenging but there are some fail safes. Electric shavers are always welcome, especially if they are still having to scrape their face with razors. Why not think about an eco-friendly shaver that requires no batteries. There are also a whole host of eco friendly gadgets out there so choosing a green gift for him needn't be a challenge any more.
Wind up razor
Wind up razor

Eco Gifts for her
Finding a romantic or relaxing gift used to be near to impossible iof you were looking at eco friendly products but now there are more and more eco scents and green gift boxes that can make bath time a delight. Failing that, with the advances of eco fabrics there is a great range or eco friendly clothing around.

For Parents and Grandparents
Eco gardening gifts are always gratefully received by the keen gardener but for those parents that don't there are plenty of eco friendly gifts for him and her that will suit mum and dad too.

Eco gifts and toys for children
With solar powered gadgets and water powered toys, finding something for the niece, nephew or son and daughter isn't that difficult anymore. There are a whole host of eco friendly gifts and stocking fillers that are fun for kids but if they are after the latest video game player, laptop or mobile – why not complement it with a solar powered charger, that way you can make them aware of the energy they are using?
Richard N. Williams - About the Author:
Richard N Williams is interested in green innovations and writes about them. Please visit our website if you are interested in eco gifts or other eco-friendly products

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